The Nick Darke Archives

The Archives section is a place where we’re collecting together all kinds of material relating to Nick’s life which isn’t strictly related to his work.

We see it as a kind of online museum for Nick Darke, containing photos, notebooks, letters, video, writing and mementos – basically anything that says something about Nick and his life and work.

We’ve also included some of Nick’s essays, musings and other writings in this section, which you can view by navigating the links on the right hand side of the page. Many of these have never been available to the general public before.

We’re really keen to keep adding and developing this section, so if you’ve got any material you think we should be showing, please drop us a line via the Contact page. We’d love to hear from you.

Falmouth University Library- Nick Darke Archive (CPA1)

The Collection contains preparatory work and scripts for Darke’s 30 plays, along with publicity, promotional material, photographs and correspondence.  Darke’ s work for television, film and radio is also well represented.  The Collection is broad in its appeal, documenting the writer’s interest in environmental issues, music, Cornish history and culture, as well as his recovery from a stroke in 2001 and events leading up to his death in 2005.

In addition to these records, Darke’s published work and many of his radio programmes are also available, as are his two films, The Wrecking Season and The Art of Catching Lobsters.  These materials can be accessed by searching the library catalogue.

Falmouth University – Archives

The Collection is widely available to all, by appointment in the Library on the Penryn Campus. They enthusiastically welcome applicants to the Nick Darke Award keen to learn more about his craft.

Contact the University archives:


Below is a small selection of archives held by the family.

Nick’s Notebooks