Radio Plays

Nick wrote many plays for radio, and also worked on a number of radio-based documentaries and interviews about his life and experiences.

One of his most acclaimed pieces for radio was Dumbstruck, a journal and documentary which explored his ongoing recovery from a stroke in 2001.

Radio work
Foggy Anniversary (1979)
Summer Trade (1980)
Landmarks (1981)
Lifeboat (1981)
The Catch (1983)

Another Strand (1997)
An occasional series where those well known in one field talk about another consuming interest in their lives. Produced by Julian May. In So Long as Lobsters Swim the Sea, Nick talks about lobster fishing and netting at his home near Padstow.

Cider with Rosie (1998)
A radio adaptation of Laurie Lee’s autobiography.

Gone Fishing (1998)

Bawcocks Eve (1999)
Set in Mousehole, Cornwall.

Flotsam and Jetsam (1999)
Set in Cornwall about a family.

The King of Prussia (1999)
Adapted from the play. Set on the Cornish coast in 1789. A mad king, heavy taxes, and smugglers..and in the other direction, a country on the brink of revolution.

Underground (2000)
Documentary drama. Voices of miners and their families are woven into a text by Nick Darke and music by Jim Carey.

In Quest of Joseph Emidy (2000)
The amazing story of Joseph Antonio Emidy, an African slave who eventually became a violinist in the Lisbon Orchestra, fought in the Napoleonic Wars, then settled in Falmouth and became a successful teacher and composer. Produced by Julian May, with contributions from Richard Mcgrady (historian), Tunde Jegede (composer), Nancy Naro (slavery expert), Emidys descendants and Keith Waithe on flute.

The Fisherman’s Tale (2000)
Nicks contribution to 2000 Tales, written to celebrate the 600th anniversary of Chaucer’s death. A group of travellers in a motorway service station tell stories to pass the time.

Atlantic Drifting (2002)
Documentary produced by Simon Elmes. Precursor to The Wrecking Season.

Dumbstruck (2003)
A radio documentary about Nicks rehabilitation after a stroke.

Hooked (2005)
A drama documentary about a Cornish couple whose lifestyle is exploited by a Londoner who plans to make money out of its tourist potential.