The Wrecking Season (2005)
A film about beachcombing on the North Coast of Cornwall and the find from fishermen on the other side of the Atlantic. Written by Nick Darke, and directed by Jane Darke. Funded by Arts Council and University College Falmouth. First broadcast on BBC4.

‘This gem’ – The Times

‘The combing of wild sea shores for hard woods, fishing paraphernalia and other exotic artefacts…put him in touch, through phone calls and the internet with fisherman and oceanographers all around the world.’ – Time Out
‘This intimate film celebrates the life of an unorthodox and vibrant talent.’ – The Independent
‘An evocative, haunting portrait of playwright Nick Darke.’ – London Evening Standard

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The Art of Catching Lobsters (2007)
Written and Directed by Jane Darke. Commissioned by the BBC and broadcast on BBC 4.

A film about love and loss. When Nick was diagnosed with cancer he and his wife decided to film his recovery.

The film spans their life together through writing, beachcombing and lobster fishing, his recovery from a stroke and death from cancer. It shows his attempts to pass on his knowledge of lobster fishing to his son Henry. Jane continued to film after his death so the film is also a poignant documentary about the grieving process.

‘One of the most heart breaking and uplifting programmes of the year. Nick is a persistently warm, optimistic and jocular presence, and his subsequent diagnosis from cancer does little to dent this. Itls a natural and hugely moving piece.’
Daily Mail

‘A simple and touching insight into love and grief.’
Daily Telegraph.

‘Raw, warm and powerful… A remarkable video diary, part love letter and part epitaph, punctuated with wry humour.’
Time Out

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