About Nick’s Plays
Nick wrote a huge variety of stage plays and lesser-known works, as well as scripts for radio, film and TV. Many of his plays were initially staged by some of Britain's leading theatre companies and were later performed all over the world.

We are very interested in expanding our archive of material relating to Nick's work. If you have any photos, posters, reviews, extracts or any other material relating to Nick's work, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email us or get in touch via the Contact page and let us know what you've got.

If you are interested in finding out about or performing any of these works, please contact his agent, Cathy King, at:

Independent Talent Group Limited
40 Whitfield Street
Telephone +44 (0)20 7636 6565

Chronology of Plays
Mother Goose (1974 - Victoria Theatre, Stoke on Trent)
Never Say Rabbit in a Boat (1977 - Victoria Theatre, Stoke on Trent)
Low Tide (1977 - Plymouth Theatre Company)
Sinbad the Sailor (1978 - Victoria Theatre, Stoke on Trent)
Summer Trade (1979 - Orchard Theatre)
Beauty and the Beast (1979 - Orchard Theatre)
Landmarks (1979 - Chester Gateway Theatre)
A Tickle on the River’s Back (1979 - Theatre Royal Stratford East)
High Water (1980 - RSC)
Say Your Prayers (1981 - Joint Stock Theatre Company)
The Catch (1981 - The Royal Court Theatre Upstairs)
Cider with Rosie (1981)
Lowestoft Man (1982 - Orchard Theatre Company)
The Body (1983 - RSC)
The Earth Turned Inside Out (1984 - community play)
Bud (1985 - RSC)
The Oven Glove Murders (1986 - The Bush Theatre, London)
The Dead Monkey (1986 - RSC)
Ting Tang Mine (1987 - National Theatre)
A Place Called Mars (1988 - community play)
Kissing The Pope (1989 - RSC)
Fears and Miseries of the Third Term (1989 - Young Vic Studio)
Hell's Mouth (1992 - RSC)
Danger My Ally (1993 - Kneehigh Theatre)
The Bogus (1994 - Kneehigh Theatre)
Knock Out The Pin (1994 - Cornwall Youth Theatre Company)
The King of Prussia (1996 - Plymouth Theatre Royal/Kneehigh Theatre)
The Man with Green Hair (1997)
The Riot (2000 - National Theatre/Kneehigh)
Laughing Gas (2005 - o-region)