Ting Tang Mine
Written in 1987
Originally staged by the National Theatre

This major play was set in 1815, and was a reworking of one of Nick's earlier works, The Earth Turned Inside Out. It explores the lives of a Cornish community whose two lives are dominated by the boom and slump of the local mine, and was first staged by the National Theatre, before later being performed by Kneehigh Theatre. The play features a cast of 21 which can be doubled up by 8 performers.

The play is published in Nick Darke: Plays 1 by Methuen.
'A meaty play...seethes with life, wit and ideas. Darke gives shape to a Cornish identity that feels vital and real and has nothing to do with clay pipes and clotted cream. Like Cornwall's coves, it has many unexpected depths. The piece acts as a critique of capitalism. It also raises questions about the points where justice, conscience and the law part company.' Financial Times
Original Cast
Gonetta Bate: Lesley Sharp
Thomas May: Peter Halliday
Lisha Ball: Ralph Fiennes
Arthur May: Jay Villiers
Ysella: Caroline Wildi
Rutter: Antony Brown
Raw/Hoyle: Jim Millea
Ann Roscrow: Hazel Ellerby
Santo/Soames: Wayne Morris
Trefusis/Trice: Paul Kiernan
Hailsham: Leslie Sands
Jan May: Robert Glenister
Maud May: Di Langford
Betty Elder: Laura Calland
Gran: Joyce Grant
Colan: Craig Crosbie
Salathiel Trenannigan: Barbara Jefford
Preacher/Captain: Alan Towner
Blake/Moses Harvey: Paul Hastings
Martyn/Kitto: Grafton Radcliffe
Senara: Robin McCafferey

The revised version by Kneehigh featured the following performers:

Jan May: Giles King
Maud/Salathiel: Sue Hill
Gonetta/Gran: Anna Murphy
Hailsham/Lisha: Mike Shepherd
Trefusis/Trice: Jim Carey
Rutter/ Colan: Charlie Barnecut
Thomas May: Dave Mynne
Roscrow/ Betty: Mary Woodvine
Other parts were played by the cast
Music by Jim Carey
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